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Asiatic Lilies

Among Lilies, the Asiatic varieties are the strongest growing and most hardy.  With their beautiful colors, wide range of heights and bloom times, and ability to rapidly and naturally multiply over the years, they represent some of the finest Lily offerings available.  Asiatic Lilies produce flowers on average from 4 to 6 inches across.  They flourish in full sun to part shade in well-drained soil.  They are best planted in the fall.



Most attractive in form and beauty this 2 to 3 foot tall Lily opens the softest cream, then lightens to a pure white offset by a chartreuse throat. This early to mid-summer bloomer has an extremely high bud count, and its short stems need no staking.


An extraordinary color combination: dabs and flecks of sultry, claret-red that seem painted onto pure ivory petals.  Striking even from a distance, a generous planting will enliven any garden -- and the dramatic flowers are spectacular subjects for the vase.  Sturdy and vigorous, they grow 3 to 4 feet tall and bloom midsummer.



Cherished is a most striking, clear pink variety surely one of the loveliest ever developed in a color that is now all the fashion. The petals darken to almost rose near the tips and are handsomely set off by large golden-yellow anthers. A very exciting statement for your garden. Blooms in June. Reaches 2 to 3 feet.


Chinook is considered by many experts to be one of the finest garden Lilies ever produced. Blossoms are the loveliest soft salmon peach, lightly spotted and non-fading, borne in a perfect candelabrum. They absolutely glow in the sun on compact, 3- to 4-foot plants. Chinook blooms in early July.



Enchantment is probably the most vigorous Lily in cultivation, as well as the most rapidly multiplier.  Exceptionally easy to grow, it produces glowing orange flowers in big clusters that stand upright on sturdy 3 to 4 foot stems, producing a blaze of rich color.  It flowers midsummer.


Petite Pink

Flowers are white with rosy pink brushings and vivid red stamen. There are 12 petals per flowers.  This dwarf pink is among the earliest Asiatic to bloom each season.  It is loaded with blooms at a young age.


Red Knight

Red Knight is a spectacular and strong grower with cherry-red blossoms handsomely speckled with scores of shiny black spots.  Glistening bottle green foliage smartly sets of the fiery red blooms -- and is itself a source of interest.  Like other Asiatics it blooms midsummer and grows 3 to 4 foot in height.



Rosita shines with gracefully recurving petals of clear pink that are lightly sprinkled with red and veined in deeper pink. Red stamens complete the exceptionally lovely picture. Each 3-foot stem produces 8 to 12 upward-facing blooms in June. 


Silly Girl

One of the most unique Asiatics, Silly girl boasts pink flowers with creamy yellow centers.  If that weren't enough it is laden with dark, maroon specks.  The colors are vivid and extremely intense.  This is a very vigorous, tall lily that multiplies freely. It is one of the first Asiatics to bloom (except for dwarfs).  This one performs best in full sun.


Simply Red

A very tall red Asiatic with an orange cast which hints of its heritage.  Simply Red blooms midseason as far as Asiatics go.  The blooms face upward on this non-fragrant lily



Like beaming children, these bright sunny faces with auburn freckles truly gladden the heart.  A very abundant late June to early July bloomer on a slightly shorter stem than most.


Oriental and Orienpet Lilies

The exotic, Orchid-like beauty and deady fragrance of Oriental Lilies is unmatched in the plant kingdom!  The last Lilies to bloom, they open into wide showy flowers that grace the late summer garden just when other plants are languishing.  Oriental Lilies perfer a sunny to lightly shaded location away from tree roots.  A slightly acid, well-drained soil, with a mulch during the growing season, gives best results.



This stunning Orienpet introduction combines superb fragrance, giant bloom size, and breathtaking color. Named for the alchemists' desire to turn metal into gold, it is a study in brilliant sunset tones of deep red, copper, orange, gold, and yellow.  Alchemy's blooms reach a full 8 inches across, with a deep red center and all shades of warm gold and orange to the petal tips! Arising in mid- to late summer, it makes a splendid send-off to the summer garden, and is unbeatable in the vase where a single stem perfumes the room. Expect 100 flowers a season from Alchemy once it gets established in your garden.




Tri-color Oriental lilies are rather hard to come by, but here is a fine example of a breeding masterpiece. Arena' is sparkling white, but has a partial gold stripe which radiates from the nectary to end in a blush of firecracker-red. Crimson speckles artfully placed, an apple-green throat, and yummy fragrance all enhance its splendor. 4 Feet. July/August.




Eye-catching! Wide petaled white blooms with a lipstick-red center stripe and accent speckles highlight this beauty. This L. auratum pictum selection has that rare combination not usually seen in modern Hybrid lilies. Provide well-drained soil. Great border plant or in pots. 1-1/2 to 2 Feet. Late June/Early July.

Casa Blanca

Is there any more beautiful, magnificently fragrant white Lily than Casa Blanca, the classic Easter Lily? If so, we can't imagine how it could improve on the clean lines, pure white color, and sweet aroma of this long-time favorite! Fully 6 inches across, these wide-open blooms are beautifully set with handsome auburn anthers and fresh-green throats. Up to 8 blooms open on each stem. The effect is of dazzling clean color--and each bloom lasts a week or more!   Casa Blanca is borne on strong stems (great for cutting!) from mid- to late summer. Plants reach 4 to 5 feet tall with fresh green foliage that sets off the blooms nicely. They multiply eagerly to form spectacular colonies over time. Wonderful interplanted (and in mixed arrangements) with its pastel-pink sister, Casa Rosa.

Crimson Elegance

Crimson Elegance is one of the most exciting new Lilies with blooms a stunning 8 to 12 inches across in soft shades of red and rose with white edges and cheery darker freckles.   The blooms are stunning, with a crisp, waxy texture and sharply re-curved petal tips. The prominent anthers form a green star in the center of the bloom, from which arise long, auburn-colored anthers.  Crimson Elegance is part of an American-bred series of Lilies that was developed for heavenly scent, clear color, and disease-free growth. These sturdy stalks grow 4 to 6 feet tall in the sunny garden, and require absolutely no care. The powerful fragrance emitted by the blooms fills the summer air or, when cut for arrangements, perfumes the entire house.

Crimson Tiara

Crimson Tiara is another exciting Lily with huge 8 to 12 inch blooms of crimson with white edges and cheery darker freckles.   The blooms have a waxy texture with re-curved petal tips. The prominent anthers form a green star in the center of the bloom.  Developed for heavenly scent, these sturdy stalks grow 4 to 6 feet tall in the sunny garden, and require absolutely no care. The powerful fragrance emitted by the blooms fills the summer air or, when cut for arrangements, perfumes the entire house.

Golden Elegance

Yellow stripes and maroon freckles enliven these snowy foot-long blooms!
One of the noted Elegance series of vigorous, disease-resistant Oriental Lilies, Golden Elegance is pure white with a vivid yellow-gold midrib and dazzling maroon flecks.   It is a vigorous, disease-resistant, American-bred Oriental Lily. 4- to 6-foot plants are studded with huge 8- to 12-inch flowers with richly hued petals scattered with darker flecks. Stately, well-formed, and easy to grow!

Golden Stardust

What a breeding breakthrough! Not only is this the first true yellow Oriental Lily, but Golden Stardust is also one of the largest and most exquisitely formed! 8 to 10 inches across and boasting lightly ruffled petals flecked with crimson and sporting deep burgundy anthers, these blooms are magnificent in every way. Add to that their intense, sweet fragrance, and you have a bouquet on every stem!   Glowing like the sun among all the whites, pinks, and reds of traditional Oriental Lilies, Golden Stardust is very long-lasting, with thick, waxy petals that hold both color and shape well in the garden or vase. Plants reach a regal 4 to 6 feet tall with spring-green foliage that sets off the blooms nicely.


Harbor Star

This beautiful Oriental lily produces wavy-edged, fragrant flowers eight to ten inches across. A partial stripe of yellow, orange, and coral-pink in the petal centers, and a sprinkling of small rose-colored spots combine to make 'Harbor Star' very unique. Red accent color varies according to sun intensity. Cloudy weather will produce paler flowers. Provide good drainage for best results in rainy climates or areas with "sticky" soil. 3 to 4 Feet. July/August

Little Rascals Mix - Dwarf Orientals

All the rich fragrance, lush colors, and elegant flowers of Oriental Lilies in a new long-blooming, genetically dwarf form.  These compact plants grow only 12 to 18 inches high, yet continuously produce flowers buds all midsummer for one of the longest bloom seasons of any Lily.  Ranging from pure white to blush and deep pink, the blooms open upward and outward, facing the gardener and offering up their full intense fragrance.  These are ideal choices for the front of the border, summer beds and pots.  Bulbs produce stems clothed to the ground in rich, dark green, leathery foliage.



This Oriental lily flowers later than 'Starfighter' with just a bit less white, that varies according to weather or growing conditions. Fragrant. 3 to 4 Feet. July/August.

Mona Lisa

Breathtakingly beautiful and exquisitely aromatic. The genetically dwarfed stature of 'Mona Lisa' makes it perfect for exterior decoration in containers on the patio, or for adding an aristocratic charm to your borders. It may grow only 19 inches tall but the exotic blooms in serene pale pink are still as large as the full-sized Stargazer Lily, making it appear even more floriferous. Plant a masterpiece around your home this summer. Each bulb (size 16/18) will produce 4-6 blooms, flowering approx. 12 weeks after planting



With just a hint of rose-pink above the nectaries, light crimson speckles, and a slightly ruffled edge, 'Muscadette' has a very unique look. Spicy-sweet fragrance on this romantic-looking, hardy Oriental lily. Wonderful in the garden and always among the most popular with our visitors. 3 to 4 Feet. Late July.

Rose Elegance

 Luminous pink with a bright green midrib that mellows to golden-tan. Tiny dark pink freckles toward the base.  Vigorous, disease-resistant, American-bred Oriental Lily. 4- to 6-foot plants are studded with huge 8- to 12-inch flowers with richly hued petals scattered with darker flecks. Stately, well-formed, and easy to grow!


Just as Queen Scheherazade kept the king enthralled with cliff-hanging tales of adventure that never quite ended, so does this new Lily return day after day, week after week with fresh blooms to carry your garden through the late summer doldrums! Perhaps the finest of the new Orienpet hybrids, 'Scheherazade' is magnificent in color, vigor, and flower power. You will want it immediately for your sunny garden. Orienpet Lilies are the lifework of breeder Judith Freeman, who combined the best characteristics of the Oriental and Trumpet hybrids to develop a strain of fragrant, strongly-colored, reblooming Lilies. 'Scheherazade' also redefines "vigorous" in Lilies. These plants shoot up 6 feet tall and 2 to 3 feet wide, carrying massive inflorescences without toppling. They begin blooming in midsummer and can continue well into fall, though the best show is in late summer, when you need good color the most. Laughing off excessive heat and humidity, 'Scheherazade' practically blooms through anything if given water and sunlight! 


The Oriental Lily, Stargazer, since its introduction in 1978, has attained the position of reigning champion of all lilies. It is the most popular lily world wide and with good reason. It is beautiful, elegant and perhaps the easiest to grow of all Oriental Lilies.  It has one of the most  fragrant blooms of all Orientals.  Red flowers are edged in white with large red stamen and red stripes and spots on petals and a green throat. These blooms are often much larger than the Asiatic lily with some bloom diameters reaching 20cm or more across.

Silk Road

This magnificent new Judith Freeman Orienpet may be the most fragrant in the world with a sweet, spicy, pervasive aroma most people will find irresistible. The combined characteristics of Oriental and Trumpet Lilies, gives plenty of  massive flowers with strong, vibrant colors, substantial petal texture, and most of all fragrance. The 10-inch blooms are carried in large inflorescences up to 2 feet across.  Secondary buds open when the first dramatic bloom flush is fading, extending the season of color by several weeks in mid to late summer. The 6' stems are quite sturdy and need no staking.

Strawberry Shortcake

An exceptional Lily, discovered in the Netherlands, Strawberry Shortcake boasts rich strawberry-red coloring on its large, 6" to 7" flowers which have a very uniform and distinct white edging.  Of Oriental Hybrid origin, it bears waxy and extraordinary fragrant blooms atop short 24" stems in midsummer. Its compact habit makes it superb for the mid-border or for planting in containers.



Trumpet/Species Lilies

Aristocrats of the Lily Kingdom, Trumpet Lilies have been cultivated and cherished in Chinese gardens for centuries.  Each has its own unique scent -- and their combined midsummer fragrance is sumply heavenly.  These classics  reflect the latest refinements in Trumpets.  For fragrance, form, color, and architectural effect, they are unsurpassed.

Black Dragon

Supremely fragrant 6-inch blooms are yellow-centered ivory inside, maroon-striped white outside, for an unbelievably formal, crisp look in the mid- to late-summer garden. These majestic Chinese Trumpet Lilies arise groups of about a dozen in perfect candelabra form on imposing 6-foot stems. Very choice!   The Black Dragon Strain was developed from clones of the hybrid 'Black Dragon,' known for its exquisite form, heavenly scent, and dramatic coloration.

Golden Temple

So richly colored that they seem to glow, these award-winning blooms measure a full 5 inches across and arise profusely in midsummer, transforming the garden into the sunny showplace! Marvelously fragrant and as lovely in bud as in bloom, this Chinese Trumpet is a treasure for any sunny spot.  The huge blooms are brushed with maroon on the exterior, so that the unopened buds contrast beautifully with surrounding golden blooms. And there are always plenty of surrounding blooms, for each of these 5- to 6-foot stems bears up to 20 blooms over a long 6- to 8-week bloom season.


Kimona Strain is often called "Queen of the Lilies". This vigorous, disease-resistant strain bears the largest, most fragrant flowers often a foot across and powerfully sweet scented! Completely free from spotting, the shining ivory blooms banded in clear gold are perfectly spaced along the 4- to 5-foot stems.  Covered with leaves, these strong plants bloom in midsummer and, as they become established, produce increasing numbers of blooms per stem. Superbly fragrant, majestic plants create an immense impact in the garden. They grow more impressive over time.



Daylily flowers last only a day, but each is succeeded by a multitude of others, so their bountiful display continues for weeks.  Among the easiest of perennials to grow, they withstand neglect and are perfect for problem areas.  Grow them in sun or part shade in almost any soil.  With careful selection you can have and endless supply of cut flowers in your garden from June until September.   Daylilies should be divided every 5 years.

Chicago Sunrise

This is a substantial flower borne on sturdy stems that hold it well above the foliage. A lovely variety of daylily viewed at a distance or close up. Color cheddar cheese orange w/ light midrib. It absolutely looks like it would glow in the dark.  Chicago Sunrise reaches a height of 30-36".  It is a mid-season bloomer.



Gentle Shepherd

A large white (yes, white) daylily, Gentle Shepherd is almost 3 feet in height with a huge 5 inch flower.  Broad, nicely ruffled petals flare widely.  The sepals recurve gently. The heart is a pale lime tone. Gentel Shepherd received the Award of Merit (given to daylilies).  A Yancey hybrid, it is the whitest daylily.

Jade Star

Soft reddish-purple blossoms lined with dramatic white stripes.  Flowers have paler purple midribs and a lime-green throat.  Spectacular 5-inch blossoms of soft reddish-purple are lined with dramatic white stripes on each petal and sepal edge. Paler purple midribs and a lime-green throat add to the effect. This is a vigorous, strong-growing diploid that reaches a full 28 inches in height. A dazzler in the perennial or Daylily border, and lovely worked into a planting of shrubs. Blooms midsummer.


Bright salmon-pink blooms open an incredible 5 inches across on this difficult-to-locate treasure, and most of them are stuffed with double the petal count of other Daylilies! Unlike many rare selections, this beauty isn't the least bit dainty or shy -- anything but! It was bred for vigor and weather resistance, and you'll find it can really take nature's little surprises. The best part is its reblooming ability: once the 16-inch plants become established (a season or two), they will often bloom twice--first in early- to midseason, then again in late summer when you least expect it!



Stella de Oro'

For sheer bloom power and beautiful color, few daylilies surpass ever-blooming Stella de Oro. Often the first to begin the season and the last to end it, Stella blooms on compact plants 12" high and 18" wide. The flowers are magnificent - a rich golden-yellow that keeps its color throughout the amazingly long bloom time.  "Star of Gold" will become a treasure in your garden for many years.